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Thank you ET Canada

We remember the theme song of Entertainment Tonight echo through our mobile home when we were kids. The walls of the trailer were thin so it really reverberated and with it would come the three of us running as fast as we could to claim the closest and most comfortable chair in the living room to watch the 'Stars'. And we would dream about a life beyond our thin walls.

And then ET Canada was born and suddenly our dreams got so much closer- we were seeing amazing artists from our country being represented. For three girls who grew up in a trailer park- this was BIG. ET Canada helped us see what was possible. (so much so that we were in their kitchen with the incredible Carlos a few years back)

We're sad that the show is ending. We're sad for the way network television is moving. Our thoughts are with the hosts and journalists, camera-operators, pa's, set decorators; the magnitude of people who brought ET Canada to life. We are grateful for your work!

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